Sunday, February 14, 2010

vintage post cards

Don't you just love vintage post cards. They are fun to read kinda like reading a little memento from the past. Funny, I think the people back then didn't think they would have their cards collected. I kinda feel like I'm snoping. Well, I hope all of you enjoy your Valentines Day. I've always said Valentines Day isn't the only day to show love to those around you. Everyone should show love, kindness and compassion everyday. Well, maybe you should skip the daily box of chocolates. Oh how I love chocolate.
Happy Valentines Day!


kayellen said...

Happy Valentine's Day "D"

Blessings to you~~~

Kay Ellen

LDH said...

Well, Hello, DE! So nice to meet you! I have perused many of your posts ~ all filled with lovely photos of beautiful things! If you notice in my profile, I love the color white!

Peeked at your Etsy shop too. Sweet!

Thank you much for visiting my place and leaving your comment! Glad you are following :)

Kindly, ldh

Deepak Acharya said...

yes, I love them very much :)

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