Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Etsy Shop Feature -hjrdDesign -Helen-

All of my sets use recycled materials. My concept in creating my range of magnetic wallscapes was to design them as something halfway between art and play, each set is designed to be interactive and rearranged meaning they're ever-changing decals. The materials I use are dictated by what I have/what I find to recycle or upcycle; I select materials on their aesthetic and tactile value. The real joy in creating my wallscapes from these resources is in liberating them from their former garments and associations and shifting their value by changing their context.The original inspiration came from sewing a bib from a thrifted apple-print T-shirt and looking twice at the oddly-shaped offcuts that were left...This lovebirds set uses scraps of vintage wallpapers, wrapping papers, and fabrics from found garments. This set is 15 separate magnets that are designed to work together in endless arrangements. Customers who have bought this set have used them in a variety of ways; one painted her daughter's bedroom door with magnetic paint and created an interactive magnetic garden from my wallscapes, someone has bought them for a magnetic blackboard in the kitchen, they've been displayed on a claw-foot bath, office filing cabinets. Some display them as wall art, and some are used as functional magnets to hold onto reminders on the fridge. www.hjrdDesign.etsy.com
--Helen--- hjrdDesign


CinnamonAndSass said...

Love those birds! What a great way to upcycle!

Mélanie said...

Love this design. These stickers look so different

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