Sunday, July 11, 2010

Starbucks Love

The other day I walked to Starbucks and asked for decaf and I didn't get my normal decaf. When I got home I was so amped I made this wreath in a matter of minutes. Well, the bag said to recycle, reuse, repurpose I was just following orders. My hubby has a friend who works for Starbucks. So off it went back to Seattle. I'm also working on some paper flowers for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. I'll do a tutorial on them next week. ;) DE


stacycakes said...

So lovely,I'm addicted to star bucks lite mocha frappacinos...thanks for visiting me!

TheNikiProject said...

How cool would that be if the friend at starbucks hung it on the wall in there!

kayellen said...

I love this!! I am such a starbuck junky too! lol

I picked up a copy of Romantic Home~~so glad you shared you were featured!! yippee for Denise!!!

Have a blessed week creative friend!!

Kay Ellen

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